Diane and John enjoy a passion for music. Since 1985 they have been performing together, developing an extensive repertoire covering music from the forties to the latest charts and everything in between. They always entertain, and leave their audience with a smile, having danced, clapped and swayed to a non-stop musical feast (see gallery).

Diamond were voted best band area finalists three years running at award ceremonies at Chicago Rock and Brannigans.

As a duo they have performed in venues as diverse as the Savoy Hotel London to Monty’s Bar (….sorry Monty…). They have supported many top artists and bands and enjoyed playing cabaret evenings along with some of the best comedians and acts on the circuit. “The wonderful thing about the band is the variety of venues we play; it could be a military ball, holiday camp, wedding reception, club or cabaret, no two shows are ever the same."

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"We also have the bonus of being able to expand the duo with great musicians when required. Add our sax player and you have a new and exciting flavour to our music. Martin is a truly talented player contributing saxophones, flute and harmonicas to this already dynamic line-up!”

Diamond have their own digital high tech studio where they record their unique arrangements to augment the onstage guitar and vocals producing a great full sound with all the edge of a live performance. Over the years they have produced five studio albums, four of which are available on CD (see merchandising)

The Diamond stage set is impressive. From the stylish backdrop featuring the band’s trademark logo, to the superlative light show operated by their Lighting Technician Pete. With a great sounding PA system this is a show not to be missed. (see technical).

Diane comes from a musical family; her Dad is a trained opera singer, performing operetta and old time music hall. Her Mum played the piano, her sister sang in musical festivals, and Diane began to play the piano from an early age. Eventually music became her passion, and the piano gave way to guitar when her Dad came home from work with a Hofner guitar he’d bought for a fiver and said ‘who wants to learn to play this?’ Diane said ‘me’ first and her musical career took off.

Diane started out singing and playing guitar in folk clubs and regularly performed live singing her own material on various radio shows, winning a number of talent competitions performing at what was then a national night spot Cesar’s Palace. Diane was also popular in the restaurants as she could stroll around the tables playing and singing songs as requested. “I remember finishing singing in an Italian restaurant in Woburn when a panic phone call requested my urgent attendance to a big restaurant five miles away - they’d had a power cut so the band couldn’t play. It was a packed house and a great impromptu gig with rapturous response – “Diane unplugged” saved the day – and I thought I’d earned a fortune!

She formed the original band Diamond in the 1980s playing mostly functions and military gigs. Over the years Diane’s band has played with Swinging Blue Jeans, Freddie and the Dreamers, Les Dennis, Jimmy James and the Vagabonds, the Fortunes, to name but a few, plus many top comedians and speciality acts.
Diane met John in 1985 and although their musical tastes were quite diverse from each other they got on well, and the vastly different styles have blended to offer a truly extensive range – something for everyone. (back to top)


John began his musical career on guitar at an early age playing Shadows instrumentals (and before that posed with a tennis racket…). In the late 60’s while still at school he played in a successful seven piece soul band performing regularly at holiday venues along the east coast. “We seemed to spend our time playing venues the week before or after bands such as Amen Corner, Geno Washington, and McGregors Engine (later to become Jethro Tull). Soul and reggae music remain my favourite to this day”.

In the early seventies John played in various blues and Hendrix style bands.
In 1975 with a group of close friends he formed another seven piece band - Abbott. Abbott enjoyed many successful years playing soul, funk, reggae and calypso music. John was a prolific song writer with other members of the band. They often performed on radio and television winning the Southern area of Alan Freeman’s Quiz Kid programme while regularly appearing as guest band on Kid Jensen and the Dave Lee Travis show. At a recent birthday party John presented the ex members of Abbott with a CD of tracks recorded at the BBC and other studios – “I panicked as the oxide dropped off the old tapes when I made new digital copies” said John but it all turned out alright and everyone was thrilled with the CD

In 1985 John and Diane met and eventually they joined forces firstly in her band and then as a duo. (back to top)