We are fully self contained with our own lighting rig up to 8,700 watts and PA up to 4,000 watts. Details of the equipment are as below

Note:- to run the full show requires 2 off 32 amp sockets

This can easily be reduced with less equipment and for an average club we can put on a great show with 3 x 13 amp sockets on a 30 amp ring main. A typical layout is shown below on a 6mtr x 3mtr stage

For smaller venues we have a compact 200 watt per channel stereo PA and can supply lighting as space permits

General Equipment List

Studiomaster Horizon 1,500 watt 8 channel powered mixer
2 off Studiomaster 1200D stereo power amps
Ramsa WS-SP2A electronic crossover
2 off Electrovoice 15" sub bass speaker cabinets
2 off Ramsa WS-A240 12" sub bass speaker cabinets
4 off Ramsa WS-A200E 12" + Horn full/mid range cabinets
Studiomaster Powerpack 400 DSP powered mixer for smaller venues

Zero 88 Lightmaster 24 channel XLS lighting desk
Rack of 24 x 1000w Dimmers
6 off bars of 4 x Par 56 lamps
6 off Geni Colourblaster Dichrioc 11 colour DMX lights
Ryger 4 channel 32 pattern light chaser unit for smaller venues
Various Strobe, Smoke, UV & effects.

Other Equipment
Rack of 2 off Sony mini disc recorders
Trantec & Shure wireless mic & guitar systems
Roland, Line 6 Pod & Mesa Boogie Mk3 guitar amps
Various Fender, Gibson & Takamine Guitars
Backdrops & drapes

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